Monday, May 2, 2011

hey May, please be awesome yeahh

1st May is my cousin birthday and also her engagement day.
double celebration for her semalam.
family gathering,get experience doing her hantaran,having makan-makan and playing with kiddies.
it's such a lovely dayy.
will upload those photo later.

happy holidays to all workers yo.
i'm working today.
serius sangat rajin kan.
extra income meh.
nothing much,but better than nothing.
i need to work hard for awesome trip early june nanti.
and another Mount to climb on july.
sangat sekejap masa berlalu.

august dah fasting month
september dah raya.
october renew road tax.

minusplus, mostly every month i need extra cash to live.
since,university will implement 4 month semester holiday.
this is a precious time to earn extra moneyy by doing any part time job.
still thinking about it.

about life.
salah satu tabiat buruk yang ada pada diri aku,
and i really don't know how to heal it.
im such a person who really doesn't know how to appreciate people properly.
when i think im doing good and right thing,but actualy it is not.
im such a bad person.i know that.
im careless, clumsy and also bad.
i don't blame my parents, especially my real dad by not shower a love for me.
i blame myself, and i try to change.
and please give me a chance.
support and courage also, or may be some guide.
i'm looking towards perfect things,
even though perfectionist is the real fcuking things in this world

sementara sudah middle of the year.
i have a list to-do, may be to do frequently too.

1.jogging almost everyday.
2.learn many cooking recipe organized
4.saving fund more than one books every month
6.spend more time with family
7.punctual person,come early to office
9.dont waste money,time and anything.
10.drink more green tea
11.drink more warm water

list ini tidak disusun according their priority.
tak penting pun.
just a draft.and i will write properly and stick on a wall in my bedroom.

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