Thursday, March 17, 2011

blast thing

you never learn from mistakes
you never learn from other people
you never learn from the world

you proud make mistakes
you never give a chance to change
you said you're muslim , but u not even try to practice and follow the rules

you never help me to change

you using investment as a good things
you lying to me, and i discover it by myself.
told u,it's bloody hurts.
and you do the same mistakes again
and you smile for the mistakes you have done.

i just want to live in a better life.

2 sisolle:

Yuyu Zakinan's blogbook said...

cuba untuk ubh mistakes.. but buman being will never escape from doing even a mistake.

ochs widdle said...

u still have a chance to change.
God still forgive u, even how huge ur mistakes..
but the thing is, u must change and so do i..


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