Wednesday, February 27, 2008


For those who have problems with me and refused to handled it face to face with me but telling other people about it, u have my permission to do that. Again, i'm not scared of you!! You are not my God and i dun have to kiss ur ass!!
And for those who have known me so long and pretend to be my friend but still listen to it and believe it, go ahead.. i dun need u man! not anymore..

i was very, very upset.. but hey, i dun give a fuck!! please, please talk more bad things about me.. i dun give a damn.. this people have a reason why they talk much about people.. the reasons are..

1. they have all day to do that..
2. they insecured
3. they are dumb ass
4. they can't accept that they are stupid and the only way to make them look good is to put people down.
5. they didn't realized that one day things will come around
6. they taught they are God
7. they can't work better and by telling bad things about people, they get better things to do..
8. they dun have any talent in life and the only thing they know how to do is by bitching about other
9. they pathetic!
10. they wanna be human but they have human heart.

oh... i will find more and more reason but then, what the FUCK??
And for those who are listen to it, ask yourself, if this particular person said bad things about other people.. ask them back, HAVE THEY SAID BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU?? is it fair to listen to one side? and if u wanna work with this person, is it important for u know about their personal life, or more important about their work?
Well if u like to work with people who kissing your ass but not getting work done, please pick them.. dun pick me.. i dun need that..

Am i pissed off? not anymore.. maybe i'm not a nice person because i'm rude.. i dun know how to kiss other people's ass but i can get things done. I'm very transparent and i'm not pretending to be nice. People hired me to work for them, not to kiss their ass. u want to take all the credits, go ahead.. i'm not interested. Again, at the end of the day, we are very small on this earth..

So, bring it on people!! u can hurt me, but you can't break me, everytime u do that, it make me more and more stronger.. soon, if u dun be careful about it, it will crash u life down.. and at that time, u may wanna ask, where's God..
And ask yourself back, why this people never said it in front of you? because they scared!.. they know that those people who they bitch about know their black secrets.. so, try me.. i'll dig u!

i will definately stop bitching about others from now on.. i'm not interested to jeopardise my talent for this stupid people anymore..

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omarbrunoz said...

pandai awak cakap ompueth


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